Malam ni nak update pasal Gamma, pasal college life, Banyak menda kot

Sorry sangat blog sebab terbiarkan hidup anda :)

Dear Qistina, a post to wish you happy birthday dear
have a fucking happy life. Love you dear XOXO

Another post of Happy Birthday :) 

Well Hello Blogheads , so i guess wanna post a birthday wish AGAIN!

This post belongs to 


Hey sista , the oldest sister of the family , i just stop by to wish you Happy Birthday
I wish miracle could happen in your life and insyallah it will happen after the effort
I'll always pray for you future life , Successful , Healthy Life , Rich , and more

I hope you won't be snobbish after being famous as RICH WOMAN
Haha and always remember us your family that always support you

So Just to wish Happy Birthday gedik!

A post specialized for my best best buddy in world


Hey best best buddy , Just stop by to write a special post about you

Today this beloved and lovely girl turn to be 19th
after been through all this experiences together 
now i know who you are , you are the best
you are qualified to clarify as my bestfriend

The nine of us really love you the way you are ,
we don't asked you to be another person because we are simple
we accept people for who they are as long as we can be kamcing
Our friendship already been for 2 years and we still counting until forever

We pray the best for you , i'll pray the best for you
Hoping you going through all this kind of things
Just love being around people that understand me include you
So babe i guess thats all i can say

If i describe about you , Maybe we need a couple more of day.
anyway here i come with special wish babe

Alhamdulilah , five days break almost done
then i'll start my daily routine as the student again,
its hard to believe it but hmm hopeless,

its okay , i'm doing for my future, 
future is everything. yeah for me of cause

my own quotes 
" You own you life , you're the one who choose your path that guide to future"

Ya Allah , I hope this will be my successful momemnts,
Yes i hope this is the right path , Ya Allah , I need you beside me
and i know you will always be


So i think i'm done with my post , 
Oh yeah had watched over the "Juvana"
Awsomeness <3 font="">
What a nice day with a nice new experiences

Yeah been a student wasn't a hard but it is a challenge for human being
think positive until you graduate and make yourself satisfied

Just now had a group discussion then need to present infornt of Sir G
Hmm kind of nervous but i'd well enough i guess
even Sir said the same things, Ecehhhh *angkat bakul*

Hmm Of cause since before, now and always , I'll be myself
i can't resist my feeling to win in the conversations , No
i'm a type who doesn't wanna lose in such game , Hoyeah
At last Huda and Reza have to surrender *white flag*

They just agreed with my points 

Bye.. Will be updated later :)

Assalamualaikum people :)

Ya Allah there is alot of things i need to think right now
Until i can feel the rushing adrenaline inside my blood
Can you feel my adrenaline ? Oh shit

Firstly they said there is no ticketing sell this week
Oh man how come i wanna go back to KL, Damn it
And alot of things i need to think , Zeriously i can resist my feeling

Hmm plus with Pn. Balqis project assignement in Malacca
semua nak bercanggah je dengan program aku
Lol i just hate being like this , Ini melebihi tahap gila babi :'(