A post specialized for my best best buddy in world


Hey best best buddy , Just stop by to write a special post about you

Today this beloved and lovely girl turn to be 19th
after been through all this experiences together 
now i know who you are , you are the best
you are qualified to clarify as my bestfriend

The nine of us really love you the way you are ,
we don't asked you to be another person because we are simple
we accept people for who they are as long as we can be kamcing
Our friendship already been for 2 years and we still counting until forever

We pray the best for you , i'll pray the best for you
Hoping you going through all this kind of things
Just love being around people that understand me include you
So babe i guess thats all i can say

If i describe about you , Maybe we need a couple more of day.
anyway here i come with special wish babe